Grey Cliffs


These photos were taken around our place in November 2006. There have been plenty of changes since then due to shaking earth and time passing. Nonetheless they still give you a good view of where we live.

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Our front gate is through the arch in the big macrocarpa hedge

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The front paddock is the home of Jill's flock, the old milking shed, and some nice pear trees (but no partridges)

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The path that leads up to the house from the front paddock is lined by rose bushes

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To the left is the old swimming pool, now a garden pond with arched bridge and swing seat (bring on the gin and tonics). The fisherman statue (Ben, Jill's handiwork) waits hopefully, but there are only tadpoles and plastic water lilies so far.

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Stairs lead from the pond decking up to the patio (note Bella, coming to make sure she gets her photo on the internet - Bonnie hasn't made it onto this page yet)

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The east side of the house is brick patio and veggie garden

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The front veranda faces due north (a good thing in the southern hemisphere), and around the corner is the driveway's teardrop garden and Garden Cottage (your optional home when you come to visit us).

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We have 2 swings in the back yard, but the chimneys that held the prayer flags are gone

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Further back are the compost bins, greenhouse/chicken house, and woodshed (sine rebuilt) and the walk back to the house.

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